She Left Because You Never Gave Her A Reason To Stay

Long Island Iced Tea

It was not her fault entirely, neither was it yours. Maybe it was all wired that way, but ruining the idea of ‘us’ that she had is all on you.

There was nothing to grieve about here because it was an almost-breakup of an almost-relationship, but what you guys had was magic. You knew it, she knew it and your friends had felt it. You waited long enough to succumb to this magic but alas! waving the magic wand for too long had her feeling drained.

When she poured out her heart to you and bared her soul, you claimed you were bad with expressing emotions. She still found her peace in the subtle hints that you gave. Hence she always found her way back to you with that first call after a huge fight because you never thought it was your liability if you are not wrong in your…

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