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Taking Stock – March ’17


Soooo, I have been meaning to start this series but my perfectionist self wanted to take a longer route to getting it done. I clearly missed the essence of taking stock which is, taking a breather and just write out what comes to you. There are prompts you can use to help you get your thoughts together. Therefore, I took the afternoon to write them out and I actually enjoyed it. I got the prompts from Meet Me at Mikes, having gone through several blogs to get who actually started it.

Without further ado, this is my FIRST taking stock post:

  1. Making: This template list of a “taking stock” series so that I can copy and paste it easily in future posts.
  2. Cooking: Nothing really. The last thing I cooked was rice and spicy chicken and that was two weekends ago.
  3. Drinking: More of good ol’ white tea and not enough water. 8 glasses? Such a task.
  4. Reading: Articles and blogs about African hair. 5 years on and they still fascinate me, even when I repeat an article like 5 times.
  5. Wanting: A breakthrough in my life. I’m just dissatisfied with what is going on in my life.
  6. Pretending: That I am busy working. I think I have saturated my mind with Youtube. It’s just one of those days that I don’t want to do anything.
  7. Looking: For a small business idea. Just something that can make me extra money. And just like the “law of attraction”, a close friend of mine told me she had an investment idea. I was really happy that the cosmic forces were finally listening to me. Turns out, it’s a well-crafted pyramid scheme. No bueno.
  8. Playing: Just yesterday I got some new phone games which are meant to make my brain active. Let’s see how that will go.
  9. Deciding: When I will cut my hair, if ever. I have had relaxers for 10 years now and one of my wishes was to be fully natural by 30. I didn’t think that time would come when I made that self-pact. Now, 30 is knocking on my door louder than ever before.
  10. Considering: Continuation from point no. 9, I’m considering making a 30 by 30 bucket list. First on the list is making the list before I hit 30. Who has ideas I can borrow?
  11. Wondering: What to get my twin nephews for their first birthday. I just want to get them everything! I’m so excited and it’s the only thing I have been looking forward to this whole month.
  12. Watching: NCIS the original one. I had stopped watching it at season 5 but I craved it and consequently, binged on three seasons in two weeks. I can’t get enough of it.
  13. Needing: A beach holiday and a long massage.
  14. Smelling: My perfume Decadence by Marc Jacobs. Since the first quarter of the year is coming to an end, I’ll switch to another one. I’m hardly loyal to perfumes.
  15. Wearing: Frumpy office wear. Sigh
  16. Following: Kenyan election talk. It’s election year here and the scandals get funnier by the day.
  17. Noticing: These days I’m getting irritated easily. Be it someone changing the temperature of the office air con, someone asking me to switch seats in a bus, finding someone using my office chair etc just small things that I would previously brush off.
  18. Thinking: Of someone I shouldn’t be thinking of.
  19. Admiring: My cousin Njeri for managing to raise such adorable sons given her situation. Yaay!
  20. Giggling: At my colleagues’ snide remarks about anything and everything. We are facing a tough time at work but these guys make a bad situation feel less bad due to their dark humour.
  21. Feeling: Nostalgic. I miss not having to do adult things.
  22. Snacking: On tea biscuits and crisps/chips.
  23. Coveting: Someone I know of recently acquired a house. It’s mortgage of course (I think) but still, I am so envious.
  24. Trawling: I must find this mystery lady who has fallen into a trap of a very dangerous playboy. This f&%#$r has been parading her as his latest catch in some sick attempt at making his former girlfriend jealous. I swear he is a kid in an adult’s body. Social media FBI skills have now been activated after months of dormancy.
  25. Questioning: Myself why he suddenly wants kids.
  26. Cringing: At the memory of me throwing up just metres from a medical centre I was rushing to. I had been feeling weak the whole day and I highly suspect it was a samosa I ate that morning. When I got to the mall parking lot that houses the medical centre, I was met by the smell of food from different eateries. I tried holding it in but I shamelessly leaned towards a wall and threw my guts out. It was so embarrassing but had to be done 😀
  27. Celebrating: That I stayed off Facebook for a month. I miss it though so I’ll activate it in a few days.

What did you do today? Toodles!


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