My Pet Peeves


First of all, I just had to use another cat pic. I love them even though I don’t own one at the moment. I had one a few years back but she decided it was adventurous to go play outside. I looked for her everywhere. I figured she would get hungry and come back. Three long days later, on a very rainy night, I found her stiff, lifeless body in the back yard. It breaks my heart to this day.

Away from that, this list is not exhaustive. I might be indifferent to one thing today but tomorrow it will irk my guts. Also, the degree of annoyance may vary hence me not remembering all of them at a go. Pluuuuus, if I wait to have a complete list, I will wait forever. Here are some random ones that come to my head now:

  1. The smell of cold white tea.
  2. Noisy eaters.
  3. Dripping ice cream on a cone.
  4. People who spit anywhere. We have a LOT of these people in my country. That and unfortunately spotting the spit on the pavement as you walk. Eww.
  5. The smell of freshly sprayed perfume on someone in the evening.
  6. Hand or fingerprints on a mirror. Especially on a car rear view mirror when I’m about to drive because by the time I realize it, I don’t have time to wipe it off.
  7. The sight of nail clippings being anywhere but the bin.
  8. Disclaimer – this is for African ladies. Those who insist on using the wrong shade of foundation. Like, we can clearly see you are not a “yellow bone”. Accept and love your colour. #melaninonfleekthings
  9. Littered floor. I will not be bothered by a dusty floor but litter, no.
  10. Someone handing you a glass or cup and are touching the top part where my mouth will soon be.
  11. Being asked why I don’t eat enough since I’m slender.
  12. People who walk slowly in front of you. Even more annoying is if they suddenly stop.
  13. My cluttered Drafts email folder. I annoy myself too ;-).
  14. Kenyan Matatu/Bus drivers. I think they are the worst drivers in the whole world. There are some streets I purposely keep off because of the never ending mayhem.
  15. People who don’t register and vote, then complain about the results.
  16. Someone coughing or sneezing without covering his mouth. Germs!!!
  17. Long nails on a dude. And then there are some who keep one nail long and the others short. Really, that’s just wrong. If you are a drag queen, fine.
  18. Dry lips on anyone, even on a child. I always feel like I’d ask if they want to borrow my Vaseline.
  19. Someone taking my stationery and not returning them back or if they are good enough to do it, placing it haphazardly on my desk.
  20. Ashy skin. What’s weird is that if it’s a man, I’m less bothered than if it’s a woman.

That does it. What are some of your pet peeves? I’d like to hear them. Comment down below.



2 thoughts on “My Pet Peeves

  1. I’m manic Jan,
    My name is Jan too. I also love animals.
    I met you on Danny Ray’s site. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about. I blog over at


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