2016 End Year Reflections

It’s only a few hours til 2016 is gone forever. I know everyone has a feeling of “new year new things” and resolutions are flying everywhere. I have that feeling too so don’t worry, I’m not about to pretend and criticize you by saying I’m not about that life.

There was a time I was actually not about that life. I’d be like y’all are dumb making resolutions you know you can’t keep, like take that nonsense somewhere else. But in my head, I would be gleefully counting down hours to the new year. Most of the time, I wasn’t awake when everyone was counting down the seconds to midnight (I need to make a resolution about my relationship with sleep because Lord knows, it is a very unhealthy one). I would wake up in the middle of the night, check my phone for the date stamp and smile at the fresh new year. I would then start asking myself what I will do in that year then remember, no resolutions. Therefore, I was blocking any progression just so I would not be uncool. I am virtually bitch slapping my past self right about now.

I would like to reflect on things that I did this year and use that experience to make things better in 2017. Read More »