Bye Bye November 2016

photo credit: tomylees via photopin (license)

This month has literally whizzed past me. It’s like I blinked on the 1st and stared into today. I feel like I have not done what needed to be done before December. However, I am grateful that I got to see it and I am hopeful for every tomorrow if that makes sense at all. Anyway, here’s the little that has been happening:

  1. I have a work diary that still looks very new. I have decided to become a teenager and start writing a daily journal so that at least it does not go to waste. I started writing two days ago and I haven’t written since. Smh.
  2. I did not read any book yet I had promised myself I would start reading regularly a few months ago. So far, I have only read the cover of one novel as I pushed it away to make room for my hard disk.
  3. I finally arranged my dressing table a few days ago. You know how you only use 5 products on a daily basis yet that table is full of things that are “must haves”. The life of a female is daunting, to say the least.
  4. I have been slacking off with reading my daily devotional book and I feel so guilty.
  5. I spent quite a pretty penny on some hairdo that I kept on for two weeks. I couldn’t stand the shedding and volume so I took it down. I have a small head so some people were like, “your head looks big” 😀 Weaved styles are just not for me.
  6. I have been sleeping with the lights on for the better part of the month. This is not because of fear or anything, it’s just that I lie to myself that when I feel sleepy I’ll switch it off. I wake up 15 minutes before my alarm rings so what good is it to switch it off then?
  7. I kept telling myself I will post frequently this month. Well, er…
  8. I am generally a slender person. This month, though, I weighed the lowest ever this year. I won’t even say the number because it is damning haha! I have been stressing a lot lately and this causes me not to eat properly. Like today, I missed lunch just because I didn’t feel like it. Eating has become a chore rather than a necessity. Those who know me know that I am a hog. Well, this hog has hung her boots for now.
  9. I have been listening to praise gospel music lately because I want to stop stressing. That, plus I think I’m not spiritual enough. Coincidentally, today’s prayer was “even in the darkest of life’s experiences help me respond to You not with a sigh, but a song of praise”. For the Kenyans, no, I do not mean za Willy Paul/Poze or that thitima one though they are catchy.
  10. I’m currently binge watching CSI-New York since my usual programmes are becoming erratic this time of the year.
  11. Still feeling envious of people my age who (seem to) have their lives put together. I know we are not to read too much into what we see on social media, yet, we are still human. We can’t ignore what we see. Besides, that’s the prime place for sharpening our FBI skills to know whether someone has posted facts or make belief.

I hope my December will yield more positive results. Bye November!


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