Bye Bye November 2016

photo credit: tomylees via photopin (license)

This month has literally whizzed past me. It’s like I blinked on the 1st and stared into today. I feel like I have not done what needed to be done before December. However, I am grateful that I got to see it and I am hopeful for every tomorrow if that makes sense at all. Anyway, here’s the little that has been happening:Read More »


How I Became a Bean Counter

I am in a career that I didn’t want – Accountancy aka Bean Counter. In fact, both my parents are trained in this field. My mom is the one who pushed me into it because that’s what she knows best. I hate it. I know most of you when you were kids, you would dream to be a lot of things based on what you observed at that time. For me, I wanted to be an author because I loved reading story books; an astronaut because who doesn’t want to be in a rocket ship looking at all those stars at around you?; to form a girl band with my then friends so that we get to tour around the world together just like what we saw on TV and teen magazines. I can’t sing for sh*t though, haha!; an agony aunt so that I would help all the girls who were having problems, for example, why did my best friend gossip about me to other people; a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, the list is long. However, I never wanted to be an accountant.

It was not fascinating to me. All I saw was a tired mother who would sleep on the couch then later wake up to sign your homework and go straight to bed. She was grumpy all the time and used to beat me up at the slightest error, be it knocking over a glass or adding volume to the TV. I feared her. I swore never to want that job if it meant I would be that miserable in my whole adult life.

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