The Hunting Game


Where do you lie, the positive or the negative side?

Every day on social media you see a different picture of someone you know getting married, having the second kid, celebrating anniversaries of being together etc and all you look forward to is the new release of a Marvel movie that promises to be the best one yet (Doctor Strange I see you!). Your parents keep asking when you shall bring a person home for them to ‘see’. “You know you are getting older,” they say. “Purity, your high school classmate got married just the other day, you didn’t find anyone worthwhile at that wedding ceremony?” your mother adds. You look at them with bored eyes and shake your head. Anxiety kicks in.

In your mind, you remember how when you arrived at the said wedding reception, a flowery dress and a straw sun hat in tow, you quickly scanned the place to see any hottie you could target by the end of the day. There were a few potentials you spotted. You smiled to yourself knowing today is the day you will succeed in snapping up one. You go to the table where your former campus mates are seated and enjoy the nostalgic stories you all share. Ah, those carefree years. Young and dumb years.

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Are You Perceptive to Other People’s Needs?

Hey ya there! I have been described as a person who likes herself a tad bit too much. Some have said I have the qualities of a cat. Picture a cat, lying in his/her corner, purring away, grooming itself by licking, or playing with a rubber ball. I don’t do that, so why would they say that! LOL! Anyway, cats don’t care as much as dogs, the owner is a means to an end: survival. Away from me not being a cat, I know that as much as I value showing care and concern, I don’t do much of it as compared to others. Which leads me to the question, how much is enough?

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